December 2017 this lovely restaurant in Louisville KY Opened to the public to try our amazing Bulgarian food's  

Little About Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Ahhhh, Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe that hasn't changed its name since it was first established - 681 AD. It was also ruled by the Turks for 500 straight years! Also, The earliest evidence of hominid occupation discovered on what is today Bulgaria date from at least 1.4 million years ago, Around 5000 BC. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was founded 7000 years ago. The borders of Bulgaria are Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, North Macedonia and the Black sea. Bulgarian yogurt is the best in the world, no doubt about it - Thanks to the unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria used for its production that can only be found on the territory of the country. Sirene (Bulgarian Feta cheese) or known as "white brine sirene" is a type of brined cheese made in the Balkans, especially popular in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Romania. It is made of the milk of goats, sheep, or cows, or a mixture of these. Kashkaval (Bulgarian Yellow Cheese) is a type of yellow cheese made of cow milk, sheep milk, or both. 

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