4 seasons spring plate - 15.99

Falafel balls, Stuffed grape leaves,classic,garlic,and sweet red pepper humus tahini sauce, tzatziki sauce,lyutenitsa,feta cheese,mozzeralla chees,olives,and pita bread.

4 seasons summer plate - 15.99

Special Bulgarian bean salad,shopska salad,snow white salad,zucchini (served with dill,yogurt, and garlic),roasted peppers (with parsley,olive oil, garlic, salt,and vinegar)

4 seasons winter plate - 21.50

Dry meats including: Lukanka, Sujuk, File Elena, Pastarma, Shpek Salami

4 seasons fall plate - 19.99

Cheese plate. Sheep, Goat, Cow and Kashkaval (similar to mozzarella) chees

Lukanka - 3.50

is a unique Bulgarian pork salami similar to sujuk yet strong flavored. Perfect for a light appetizer before drinking.

Sujuk - 4.50

A dry spicy beef sausage. served with any drink.

File "ELENA" - 3.50

pressed dry raw pork meat prepared from chilled tenderloin. The name of the meat originated from a town called Elena in Bulgaria from the Balkan mountain range perfect with Bulgarian wine.

Pastarma - 5.50

Strongly seasons air dried cured beef meat.

Shpek Salami - 4.50

is Bulgaria's favorite dry cured pork & beef salami

Lyutenitsa - 6.99

Comes with pita bread and different cheeses.

Tripe in butter - 8.99

Tripe with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese

 - 10.99

Zucchini - 6.49

Grilled zucchini served with Bulgarian yogurt topped with dill, and garlic. (add pita bread for a 0.99)

Hummus W/Pita bread - 4.99

Choices: Classic, Sweet red pepper or Garlic humus

Falafel Balls W/Dresing - 4.99

Falafel Balls served with tzatziki/tahini sauce

Falafel Balls W/Hummus - 7.99

comes with your choice of humus and a pita bread

Stuffed Grape Leaves - 5.99

Stuffedgrape leaves with rice, olive oil & our special seasoning with dressing on the side

Banista - 2.99

Ask for banista of the day

Chicken Wings - 8.49

6 piece wings with dressing of choice

Chicken Tenders - 7.49

3 piece tenders with fries.

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