Bulgarian Brandy(Rakia)  is as rooted in Bulgarian history and existence as bourbon is in America. In case you haven’t tried it yet, Rakia is a hard liquor from the brandy family. It is made from fermented grapes, plums, or virtually any fruit with sugars in it. Drink it ice cold, preferably straight up (No Rocks), and have a shopska salad or lukanka with it.

Pomorie Classic

Pomorie Muscat

Peshterska Muscat

Burgas 63 Red

Burgas 63 Barrel Blue


Yambolska Grape

Burgaska Grozdova

1oz   2oz

  2.00      3.50

  2.50      4.00

  3.00      5.00

  3.50      6.50

  4.25      8.00

  2.50      4.00

  2.00      3.50

  2.00      3.50

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