Mastika - A crystal shaped passion (Ingredient Anise) Mastika has a strong, pungent herbal taste and while it is entirely transparent under normal conditions, the customary addition of ice turns it cloudy white and causes little crystals to form inside the liquid. Mastika can be sipped, mixed with chilled Ayran (made by mixing yogurt, water and salt, is one of the mainstays of Bulgarian tables during summers and is known as the best way to quench one's thirst)or even injected inside a watermelon using a syringe. The classic Mastika cocktail, however, is called Oblak (Cloud) a volatite combination of Mastika and Menta.

Menta - Liquor Refreshing beverage made form spearmint oils. Can be served in cocktail with chilled fresh milk or a soft drink like Sprite. 

Paralia Ouzo

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